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All in Him

What a great life living for the Lord. I have found Him to be my joy, strength, my friend, my healer, my rock, my supplier of all needs. He is the one who knows me best. He knows my heart even when I don't. He is my God and his name is Jesus!!

In the book of Isaiah chapt 43 vrs 1-3 it was the Lord that created thee, he that formed thee, Fear not for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name, thou art mine. The Lord is in control of all, he knows me by name. Verse 2 tells me when I have to go though something he will be with me, Oh knowing He loves me!! I can make it!!

If you are looking for something to bring you joy, peace, hope and love you will find it all in the Holy Ghost, that is Christ dwelling in you, though the power of the Holy Ghost you can and will live above sin and find true love, peace, joy and hope in this world. Its ALL IN HIM!!!

Please contact us would love to tell you more. Have a great day and may the God of hope bless you today.

just a thought................ Pastor Rinehart

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